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A renowned chemical engineer, Hong has shared his insights and advice with many audiences, from students to leaders and professionals. He integrates his experience in the palm oil and biotechnology industries to speak passionately about topics ranging from safety, sustainability, and technology and innovation to project management and leadership.

Hong’s presentations are thought-provoking, engaging and energizing. With humour and compassion, Hong brings audiences on his inspiring journey, illustrating the need to embrace change and invest in people to help others realize their potential. His incredible real-life tale equips you with the real-life encouragement to maximize your own potential and to work together to solve complex problems.

Hong delivers on-site or online presentations with content that applies to your audiences. While not every speaker is effective via virtual presentations, Hong’s high-energy and charisma, along with his proven strategies, will engage, ignite, and inspire your team.

Hong’s vast knowledge and experience, along with his ease in communicating technical information and concepts to the public, have made him one of the foremost speakers.

Hong’s most-requested speech topics

Embracing Disruptive Technology

Disruptive innovation invalidates existing business models. That is why it is becoming so important for business executives around the world. Hong shares how any organisation can improve productivity by embracing disruptive technology.

Unlocking the Power of Circular Economy

In today’s world, where sustainability is of paramount importance, the concept of a circular economy has gained significant traction. Hong explores the transformative power of a circular economy and discussed how businesses are reducing waste, enhancing resource efficiency, and redefining sustainability.

Embracing ESG for a Sustainable Future

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) emphasizes environmental responsibility, social inclusivity, and ethical governance. Hong explores the significance of ESG principles for businesses and society.

The Forgotten Career Path for Chemical Engineers

Hong shares his story of working in the palm oil industry and talks about career prospects in palm oil processing sector.

Enhancing Careers with Transferable Skills

Hong emphasizes the notion that achieving success in a career necessitates more than just technical know-how. Drawing from his own experiences, Hong delves into the importance of transferable skills in improving career opportunities and personal development.

Many other topics are available, including professional ethics in project management, process safety leadership and culture, practical leadership and other topics pulled from his book and articles.

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