The following is a selection of well-known quotes by Hong Wai Onn, which may be found in his articles, lectures and speeches delivered over the years.

"By recognizing the worth of biomass, we can transform it into a source of energy and valuable products, simultaneously assisting the country in its endeavors to decrease carbon emissions."

Circular Economy Strategies in the Palm Oil Industry
September 2023

“Principle of 3C: poorly maintained facility and equipment (Condition), incompetence of an individual in the workplace (Competency), and low commitment to process safety from leadership (Commitment) can explain repeat accidents within the palm oil milling industry.”

Process Safety Leadership and Culture in the Palm Oil Milling Industry
December 2022

“When applied to the oil and fat industry, biotechnology could become a game-changing technology that not only boosts the efficiency of operations but also the sustainability profile of the industry by propelling low-carbon initiatives.”

The Onset of Biotechnology Transformation in the Oil and Fat Industry 
November 2022

“Please stop accusing the palm oil industry of unsustainable practices. There might be isolated problems with some palm oil producers, but it would be unproductive to discredit the entire industry. Instead, individual problems should be dealt with in accordance with the law.”

Stop Accusing the Palm Oil Industry of Unsustainable Practices and Start Giving the Industry a Fair Shake
October 2022

“One wouldn’t be a successful professional if rely only on technical knowledges but without transferable skills / soft skills.”

Life of a Chemical Engineer: Palm Oil Industry
Academic Webinar by Chemical Engineering Students’ Society, Universiti Putra Malaysia
November 2021

“As professionals, we need to embrace change and realise that our jobs today might be dramatically different in the not-too-distant future. Our education and training systems need to adapt to better prepare people with the skills they will need in the future workplace.”

M’sian Palm Oil Industry Needs Fresh Talents for Successful Transformation
August 2021

“Chemical engineers have a wide range of career options in the palm oil milling industry. It is unfortunate that today’s youth are unaware of the opportunities that the industry can offer.”

Palm Oil Processing – The Forgotten Career Path for Chemical Engineers
October 2020

“The future for green biotechnology looks bright, and it is not difficult to imagine that in the next decade the palm oil industry will have been revolutionised with efficient and sustainable enzymatic processes."

Palm Oil: Better with Enzymes
June 2020

“The simple truth is that there are many areas in palm oil milling that can be further improved, especially by chemical engineers ... The time is now right to think boldly about how to train our graduates for the range of challenges that lie ahead in the palm oil industry.”

A Bunch of Challenges
April 2016