A Chemical Engineer in the Palm Oil Milling Industry



“This is the first book that has come out with stories from the palm oil mills. The episodes serve to entertain.”

 Mahbob Abdullah
Fellow of the Incorporated Society of Planters

I have read it with much interest and am impressed with Hong Wai Onn’s ideas, views and attitude.”

 Tan Sri Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr Augustine Ong Soon Hock
President of the Malaysian Oil Scientists’ and Technologists’ Association

“It might sound like something straight out of a National Geographic special but this book sure is an enjoyable read.”

 Literary Titan

This is the perfect read for a chemical engineer seeking a way to apply that knowledge, but at the same time, it’s a fine read for any voracious reader who loves exploring diverse topics.”

 Readers’ Favorite

“Thank you for putting your heart into the writing of that book. It could have been easy for you to shortchange your readers—either “just another sappy memoir” or “just another boring chemical-engineering treatise.” You did neither. You made it exceptional. For that, I thank you.”

 Nic Nelson
Vice President, Greater Los Angeles Writers’ Society

“This book is essential reading for anyone entering the palm oil industry at any level, from an undergraduate to a manager, no matter what their qualification and training is.”

 Ir. ChM Qua Kiat Seng CEng
Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers

“We feel the science in the author’s heart and affection. It’s something to be admired, and we feel the depth of that importance.”

 Writer’s Digest

This book serves as an inspiring guide for chemical engineers who desire to learn more about palm oil milling industry.”

 Indies Today

The Story

Palm oil is a big business. Palm oil has been widely used in food and non-food industries. More than half the products on sale in supermarkets are made with palm oil–yet many people hardly know anything about this industry. They don’t even know chemical engineers have a significant role to play in this industry. 

This book provides a series of episodes for you to discover the opportunities chemical engineers have in the palm oil milling industry. This book is an illuminating memoir that brings readers closer to the most enigmatic profession of all time.

It is a promise of delivery that Hong Wai Onn has fulfilled again and again. More people have gained a better understanding of the role of chemical engineers in the palm oil milling industry by listening to his sharing. You do not have to be a chemical engineer or work in this industry to enjoy his memoir. The insights are just as valuable for any discipline of engineering, and for any business, for the sake of inspiration.


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